Heterogeneity in Multi-Robot Systems

Theory, Practice and Applications


Multi-robot collaborative systems are an integral part of any large scale operation. Even more the heterogeneity of the team while opening up great opportunities - different viewpoints, traversability constraints, battery life extension, at the same time creates a new dimensionality of difficulty. Increasing interest in using heterogeneous systems has resulted in numerous works in the literature, nevertheless these solutions tend to divide and conquer - divide tasks for each type of robot and solve for a homogenous system. Moreover, we see very few real world demonstrations in academia and the industry of deploying teams of heterogeneous robots.

The main questions we want to address in this workshop are: is it possible to mathematically define heterogeneity of the system, what is the role of learning in such systems, what does heterogeneity bring into the table, what are the successful real world examples of these systems and what we can learn from these case studies. This workshop aims to bring together a group of researchers both from academia and industry to discuss these problems. We want to open a conversation between industry practitioners and researchers to highlight the fundamental issues faced in the heterogeneous multi-robot system design and deployment.

Invited Speakers

Dr. Ronald C. Arkin

Georgia Tech

Dr. Stephanie Kemna

Maritime Robotics

Dr. Joey Durham

Amazon Robotics

Dr. João Borges de Sousa

Porto Universty

Dr. Nora Ayanian

Brown University


In-person Venue: London, UK

Remote Participation Link: Zoom link

Time Event
9:00 Opening Remarks
9:10 Invited Talk - Dr. Ronald C. Arkin (Georgia Tech)
10:00 Invited Talk - Dr.Joey Durham (Amazon Robotics)
10:35 Coffee break + poster session
11:20 Invited Talk - Dr. Nora Ayanian (Brown University)
11:55 Selected Contributed presentation
12:40 Lunch Break
13:40 Invited Talk - Dr. Stephanie Kemna (Maritime Robotics)
14:15 Invited Talk - TBA (Nova Sky Stories)
14:50 Group Activity
15:40 Invited Talk - Dr. João Borges de Sousa (Porto Universty)
16:15 Coffee break + poster session
17:00 Panel Discussion + closing remarks


Nare Karapetyan

Postdoctoral Associate, UMD

Pratap Tokekar

Associate Professor, UMD

Dinesh Manocha

Professor, UMD